VELUX curved glass rooflight

The premium choice for design-conscious homeowners. An attractive curved glass top unit consists of up to 6 mm scratch-free glazing with an edge-to-edge glass design that extends beyond the supporting frame for uninterrupted drainage. The perfect combination of modern design and smart function. For 0-15° pitched roofs.

VELUX flat glass rooflight

The ideal choice for homeowners who want a discreet design. The outer pane is 4 mm scratch-free glass, surrounded by an aluminium profile that seamlessly connects to the roof surface. The flat top design complements the rooftop line. For 5-15° pitched roofs.

Glass – beauty that lasts

The beauty of having glass in your flat roof window is that it keeps its appealing shape and clarity indefinitely, while the tempered surface resists damage from hail and ice pellets. Great insulating effects protect against outer heat and cold temperatures and reduce exterior noise disturbances.

VELUX dome

A highly advanced version of the well-known flat roof dome – great for both public and private buildings. The polycarbonate/acrylic material is known to be more impact-resistant compared to other common synthetic materials. For 0-15° pitched roofs.

VELUX smoke vent dome

Developed to meet safety requirements while providing comfort for the users of the building. In case of fire, the window automatically opens to let smoke and other harmful gasses out of the building. For 0-15° pitched roofs.

VELUX emergency exit dome

With practical manual emergency exit functionality. Features a double-glazed roof window with robust polycarbonate or acrylic top. The top unit opens up to 60° and offers excellent sound reduction. For 0-15° pitched roofs.

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